The key to the city originated in Europe. It symbolizes “the free entrance to one city”. Being presented the key to the city represents receiving the highest honor of the city. For diplomatic event nowadays, the mayor from the visited location presenting the key to the visiting guests to the city has become an important manner for governments around the world to promote city diplomacy and demonstrate international alliances.

In Academia Historica’s collection of presidential and vice presidential artifact, there are about more than 20 keys to the cities from more than 10 countries in America, Europe and Africa. The exhibition was categorized into different sections by region, and visitors can have a sneak peek at the artistic shapes of keys to the foreign cities from thousands of kilometers away.


On the trip with the theme "Sustainable Austronesia, Working Together for a Better Future—2017 State Visits to Pacific Allies," President Tsai Ing-Wen visited the Marshall Islands, and received the key to the City of Majuro from Mayor Ladie A. Jackon, on October 30.
(Photo Credit: Office of the President)