The Japanese tableware collected in Academia Historica came from diplomatic gifts received by presidents and vice presidents. Pottery, porcelain and lacquerware are of the majority. The types of tableware include bowls, plates, tea sets, and Sake sets.

The majority of the received exquisite bowls and plates exhibited at present are for display, and they show the givers’ intention. The tea sets mostly are for making Matcha green tea. Originated from China, tea was introduced to Japan in the 7th century and gradually formed a unique “Chadō” culture after the 13th century. Through the time, a wide range of tea products and tea sets were gradually developed. In this exhibition, the Japanese tableware include Matcha bowls used for drinking tea, the iron pot for boiling water, the canister used for preserving tea powder, etc.

In addition to tea sets, this exhibition also displays Sake sets, such as pottery “Tokkuri”, lacquerware “Sakazuki” and “Bajōhai”, etc.